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Hebei Ruixin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a top manufacturer of basic green (malachite green) in the world with an annual output of 2200MT. We produce the best quality basic green dyes of the world, in the form of Basic Green Crystals, Basic Green Powder or Basic Green Liquid. We also produce Basic Orange 2 in the form of powder or crystal and some dyes intermediates.

Best Quality Basic Green of the World at Competetive Price: Through adoption of Korea advanced production technology and advanced machine, together with the continuous effort of our decicated experts and technicians, we have sucessfully developed first-class Basic Green Series with No Heavy Metal Content like lead or zinc. It is regarded as Green Environmental Protection Products by the trade.

Seeking Direct Business Now with Foreign Customers: We mainly produce and sell various basic dyes and intermediates, with 65% of our products are exported to Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea and some Southeast Asian countries through foreign trading companies of Liaoning, Dalian, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai, etc.

Now we are seeking direct business relationship with foreign customers by launching our basic dyes products and services through our website. Please contact us for basic green or basic orange dyes, we promise our prompt response and competitive prices.

Environmental Protection: We produce "green" basic green products at one hand, we also emphasize on environment protection during our production of basic green and other dyes. Owing to our modifying of the productive technology, also our investment on sewage treatment, we have been awarded the title of Sewage Treatment Qualified Enterprise by Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau successively for over 20 years. Our company will pass ISO14001 environment managing system in 2004.



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